Thursday, 3 April 2014

Go Frontiers helps Buddhist group to restock a lake in Beijing. New Years Day 01/01/2014

On a Beijing freezing morning on New Years Day 01/01/2014 the directors of Go Frontiers who train companies in China and the UK in British and Chinese business culture and etiquette kept their promise of Corporate Social Responsibility in China and got involved with a local Buddhist group in Beijing to help restock a lake that had previously been polluted and the fish stocks depleted.

With every one getting involved they managed to purchase four lorry loads of carp that where destined for the morning fish markets.

After a short Buddhist ceremony the young and old carried and dragged buckets of fish from the trucks to the lake. In sub zero temperatures every one had to move fast and stay dry, which is hard when you are dealing with large fish.

Director Gary Rice said, "Many Chinese were amazed and very pleased to see an Englishman from an English company paying an interest in their local community and helping with a local environment issue. Many Chinese came up to me shook my hand and thanked me".

When Go Frontiers first started in business the directors (one English and one Chinese) decided on having a corporate social responsibility policy to help the areas where the directors grew up as children (Ripley and Beijing).

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