Sunday, 4 May 2014

Beijing bans cheese imports from Britain

Food inspectors from China were dissatisfied with standards at a UK dairy during their visit.

In China most things are polluted and poisoned including the air, water and food. Recently in 2008, their was the milk scandal (melamine chemical poisoning) were six babies died and 300,000 left sick but largely unknown to the rest of the world was the poisoned and sick pets (dogs and cats) suffering with gallstone problems.

From these incidences China has new food safety laws which came into force on 1st May. The UK prides its self with its high standards of food quality but if China has higher standards then dairy companies have to meet these standards if they want to continue to export to China.

Britain currently exports 11.5 tonnes of cheese to China each year. All though the cheese market in China is relatively small their has been a sharp increase in demand for this year. Export figures for January and February alone are already valued at £93,003 Pounds.

Posted by: Gary Rice, Chinese Business Culture Expert,
Director of Go Frontiers (UK and China) based in Derbyshire, UK.

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  1. Reported in the Farmers Guardian on the 6th June 2014 by Joel Durkin.

    The temporary ban on all UK cheese exports to China will be lifted once the cheese plants have been audited by local authorities.
    Unfortunately the law does not apply to cheese products made before that date.

    The NFU chief of dairy adviser Robert Newbery said it was only a blip. I would say it's more than a blip that could have seriously messed up Britain's dairy export to China.