Thursday, 29 May 2014

Chinese Tea Culture

Chinese tea culture refers to the method of tea preparation; the equipment used and its part played in Chinese culture not only from a health point of view but also as a way to show a persons respect and honour.

The tea ceremony (chayi, 茶藝) also known as the 'Art of Tea' is the method used to first clean the tea and warm the cups. Then the tea is poured into small cups keeping the tea hot. Tea should always be pored hot.

To show your respect to a Chinese person socially and in business, refill their cup when the tea level gets to the half way point. This is a really good way to create a relationship with this person when doing business in china.

The tea culture plays a role in Chinese business culture in China and differs greatly from that of Europe, Japan and Britain. In addition to being a drink, Chinese tea is also used in traditional Chinese medicine and in Chinese cuisine.

In China you can regularly see the Chinese carrying glass jar and flasks of Chinese tea around and if you look closely at universities in the UK you will also see Chinese students and Chinese tourists carrying jars and flasks of Chinese tea.

Published by: Gary Rice, Go Frontiers (UK & China)

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  1. The tea cultur is very important in China as a way to show respect and showing face.