Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Peak District - What are the Chinese talking about!!!

Well it looks like the Peak District may be getting some Chinese tourists after all. This morning Gary Rice the director of Go Frontiers had a tea and catch up with his Chinese business partner and its apparent that the Chinese are starting to talk about the Peak District.
Two recent news articles found on WeChat and in a Chinese newspaper discussed the areas in Peak District and the places to visit that reflect the things the Chinese like and can compare with their own history and culture.
It's good when one of business partner is Chinese and speaks fluent English and Mandarin; otherwise the articles would have been missed.
Our one day work shop will provide you with the right knowledge to help you tap in to the Chinese tourism market in your area. Chinese tourism in the UK is increasing due to China's middle class and their desire to travel to the UK.
The Chinese traditionally save 40% of their income and figures show that on average they spend £663 per transaction.
Through understanding the Chinese character, companies can focus on expanding in the Chinese tourist market and provide the service they expect.
The course will provide you with the right knowledge to maximise your competitive advantage through a combination of case studies and in-depth information in:-
  • Characteristic's of the Chinese people
  • Chinese Consumer Behaviour
  • Hotel Accommodation for the Chinese
  • Food & Drink
  • Chinese Tour Groups: On the Move
  • Retail and Restaurants
  • Chinese Culture: Presenting & Receiving Things
  • Managing the Chinese and protecting the environment
Go Frontiers has been working in China's hospitality and tourism industry since 2006.
All course are ran onsite giving attendees easier access to the course. To book your business on the course, email Gary Rice at or call 07809 154 467.

Posted by: Gary Rice, Chinese Business Culture Expert,
Director of Go Frontiers (UK and China) based in Derbyshire, UK.
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