Monday, 19 May 2014

In China: How to Meet and Greet

In China: How to Meeting and Greeting
When you are doing business in China it is important to meet people correctly because first impressions count.

Getting it wrong you will loose Face instantly.

Knowing the proper Chinese customs and Chinese business culture is important.

4 Tips for Meeting Chinese People:
  1. Learn a few phrases in Mandarin. This will show your respect and interested in learning their culture and will help break the ice.
  2. Shake hands on the first occasion it is best to use one hand and bow. When your relationship has become stronger use both hands to show your relationship is warm. You must shake hands with every one even if it is a large delegation.
  3. When you present your business card to the people you are meeting using two hands. The business card must be bilingual (English on one side and Mandarin on the other).Present the card Mandarin side up facing the person you are greeting and bow. You should present the side of your card, facing up in the person’s language.
  4. When you receive a business card take a moment to study both sides and show your respect and interest in that person. Place the card in a card holder but don't put it in your back pockets.

Go Frontiers (UK & China) does Chinese translation services so we used them to translate our business cards and leaflets in to Chinese Mandarin.

Posted by Gary Rice, Go Frontiers (UK & China)

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