Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Exporting to China - the new SME buzz words in the Midlands

Exporting to China are the new buzz words being used by the SME's in the Midlands area. Two of the top destinations are India and China which highlights the issue of culture and doing business their way. Providing you want to be successful that is.

The common issue over looked until it is too late is culture. Culture in many countries is a big deal especially if you are doing business in China were you will need to grasp an understanding of the Chinese business culture and Chinese social culture.

Business in China is done very differently as the Chinese prefer to build trust before they do business. So it is important to spend the time and build a good relationship that will last.

To do this you need to know how to show your respect and portray your class. Developing your Face and others is equally important when building Chinese relationships.

Published by: Gary Rice, Go Frontiers (UK & China)

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  1. As a Chinese person we love western branded good and British goods. Sadly when these goods are exported they do not explain how to use them or there is no Chinese text on the product.

    If you want to sell products in China you need to help Chinese understand what your product is and how to use it or eat/drink it.