Friday, 6 June 2014

On business in China and eating out - What you need yo know?

You're doing business in China and are negotiating a big deal for from the early hours of the morning with five Chinese directors discussing your products, brands and the possabilities of exporting to China. At lunch the directors take you out for dinner at an expensive restaurant. When the first dish of chickens feet arrives, one the directors jumps up and using his chop sticks serves you a chicken's foot on to your plate.

What are you going to do? What does this mean to you, your business and your deal?

A: Have you upset him or coursed him to loose Face
B: The director thinks you are struggle with your chopsticks and is trying to help you
C: The director is showing his respect
D: The directors having a bet to see what you will or not eat
E: Think I should have accepted Go Frontiers (UK & China) services in Mandarin and Chinese Translation Services

Then, what are you going to do?
A: Think 'Oh Boy!!!' and get tuck into food thinking of a the bush tucker trial
B: Thank him and eat the food
C: When no one is looking through the food behind the curtain
D: Leave the food and make an excuss

Chinese business culture is some thing you need to know if you are doing business with the Chinese.

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