Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Part A: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits the UK yesterday

Yesterday (17th June 2014) the UK played host to China's Premier Li Keqiang and a Chinese delegation on their three day visit to the UK.

The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in London, yesterday on a three day visit, which is part of Europeon tour for his first official visit with the aim for business talks with the British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Later on in the day Premier Li will have an audience and photo oportunity when he meets Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

Their has been plenty of discussions about doing business in China and the UK and the diffeculties in British and Chinese business culture.

However Mr Li said he really hoped his visit would expand Sino-British busines co-operations and create a better understanding between both countries.

The talks went well for both countries but Mr Cameron still remains hugely concerned about China's human rights.

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